Book Four: Missing

Jonas has vanished into thin air and only Twist can even remember him at all. To make matters worse, Twist fears that Jonas has been taken by sinister monsters that plan to steal him away to Jupiter. Now it’s up to Twist alone to save him.

Twist and Jonas have grown close over the last few weeks, and learned to depend on each other. But when Jonas disappears suddenly, everyone but Twist forgets that he ever existed. Even Arabel believes herself an only child. Trying to prove to Jonas’s family that the man does exist, and is in dire need of rescue, only succeeds in making Twist question his own sanity.

After losing his friend, Twist has a dream that it was a dragon that stole Jonas away, and that the beast now plans to take Jonas all the way to Jupiter in a spacecraft. Terrified that he is losing his mind, Twist has no choice but to find out the truth. Is Jonas really in danger of being stolen away to Jupiter by dragons, or has he never been anything more than a figment of Twist’s imagination?

Follow Twist as he travels from London, over the North Pole, and through Japan to Australia, enlisting the help of old friends and new, and even one old enemy. Find out if dragons are real, or if Twist is finally cracking up, as he searches the world for any salvation from this maddening turn of events!

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