Book Five: Inquest

Twist didn’t believe in dragons until he was almost eaten by one. Slaying the fire-breathing beast seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the dragon’s brothers want revenge and they’ve charged Twist with murder.

When Twist is arrested, he and his friends are taken into a world of magical creatures, normally never seen by human beings. They cross the world by submersible with a dragon captor and a djinn, ride on a flying island, visit a hidden magical city at the South Pole, and plunge into an active volcano, all while Twist struggles to prove his innocence and survive his sentence. The irreverent kitsune, Vane, also accompanies Twist, stumbling across his own mysterious people along the way. Meanwhile, the Rooks and Cyphers battle for the last remnants of dragon technology on Earth.

After generations of avoiding humanity, the dragons built a ship to take themselves away from Earth and into the stars. But navigating isn’t easy. Jonas’s Sight allows him to see over vast distances, and sometimes even through time itself, glimpsing the future. The dragons thought they could use him to guide their ship through the cosmos, but Twist and his friends put a stop to that plan, slaying a few unlucky dragons along the way. Now the dragons want justice for their fallen brothers.

He saved his clockwork princess from evil secret societies, he rescued his sky pirate from outer space, but now Twist has to get himself out of peril. Delve into magic and intrigue once again with Clockwork Twist!

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