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Thank you for your interest in the future of our lovely Twist!  I hope you’ll be happy to find out that this series will continue for quite some time.

At the beginning, I decided to write 12 books in this series, starting with Waking in 2013. Not only did that number let me fully explore and expose the story lines as I’d planned them out, but it also gave me one book for each hour on a clock face.  How perfect is that?

As of today, 11/13/17, I have fully drafted all 12 books.  The first half of the series is published, and final 6 books are all in various states of editing and publication.  After finishing the writing of book 12, I went back over the whole series to make sure that all of the story arcs worked out as I wanted.  Everything as yet unpublished got a tweak here or a change there, to make the entire series as cohesive and entertaining as possible.  Rest assured that the rest of this series is not only on the way, but there is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion waiting for you at the end.

As you might already know, November 17th is the symbolic “birthday” of the Clockwork Twist series.  Each year, to the best of my abilities, the Amazon eBook of Waking, will be free on Nov 17th each year, and a new book will also be released.  Now that the entire series is written, it’s my hope to release 2 books every year until they are all out.  Look for another book in Spring, as well!

Meanwhile, Jeffery Simian has had his first adventure!  Visit his site to read the first novelette of Jeffery Simian’s exploits for free, on-line!  I’ll soon be releasing “The Adventure of The Ice Circus” as a free eBook and cheep-as-I-can paperback as well.

I also have plans for another spin-off series, featuring Skye Blue and Kali.  As I continue to write, I will post all new information here on this page.  Please follow my Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts for all of the most up to date information.

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