Book Six: Blood

Jonas always says that he hates his family. But when they are attacked by a hoard of vampires, his lies fall away. He drops everything and races across the world to save them, taking Twist and Myra along with him, into certain danger.

Twist and his friends have been adventuring for a while now, and Twist no longer feels nervous when a long journey into peril lays before him. He’s gotten accustomed to life out in the world, accepting troubles and peace as they come. Twist, Jonas, and Myra have each grown stronger in each other. They’ve fought evil men, and dragons too. They’ve crossed the world, and now even Twist has stopped feeling lost.

But now that people they all care about are in danger, Twist and his friends find a brand new reason to worry. Philippe Rodés is in trouble, his wife Aazzi is beside herself with fear, and the safety of the rest of Jonas’s family is in question. The only trouble is that Twist and his friends are halfway around the world from the Vimana’s imperiled crew. And so, with a helping hand from the Rooks, and the brave agent Skye Blue at their side, they won’t hesitate to answer their friend’s cry for help.

Along the way, Twist and his companions learn more about about each other and thier pasts. Jonas begins to give up his pretenses, revealing his true feelings about his family and his friends. Myra becomes more bold and possessive of Twist, and when Jonas has a terrible vision of the future, Twist is forced to discover his own true nature, and what really matters the most to him.

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