It’s finally official. The first draft of Clockwork Twist, book 12, is written. I just finished it, and now have to edit till it’s perfect. But at the moment it’s 70k words long, and wraps up the whole series in a neat little bow. I’ll be releasing Book 6 this year, but starting next year I’ll be putting out 2 books a year until the series is done. Holy hell, I can hardly believe I did all that. O__O

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Update on Twist Book 5

Hello, Twist lovers!  I just wanted to let everyone know that Clockwork Twist, Book Five: Inquest, had been delayed slightly.  The editing process is nearly complete right now and then it’ll take about a week to finalize the publishing process.  I’m sorry it won’t be ready on the 17th, but it will be up within the month.  Keep an eye out for the release notice, right here.

However, the first book, Waking, will be free once again on the 17th!  I’ll be posting links to the eBook page on Amazon during the sale, so be sure to share the links with anyone who needs more airship pirates in their life.  Or, just grab a free eBook for yourself, if you don’t already have one.  Every free book that is downloaded helps to get Twist closer to the #1 spot on Amazon that day!

This November 17th also marks the sixth year of Twist’s existence.  If this series was a child, it would have it’s own opinions about the world and a favorite pokemon by now.  That kinda freaks me out.

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What’s up with Twist these days, anyway?

I thought it was about time I let everyone know how things are going with the Clockwork Twist series.  At the moment, the first 4 novels are published and available, and the 11th book is in (hopefully) final revisions.  Everything between 4 and 10 is on paper in final draft-form, and I’ve got 12 mapped out, if not on paper yet.

I had planed to start publishing two books a year by now, as well as offering up some other treats as well.  But I’ve had to scale that all back a bit due to reasons beyond the writing.  The writing itself is moving along swimmingly, and at the moment I am devoting most of my time to the actual writing, rather than anything else.  After all, I’d take a bloody good book over a flashy add campaign, any day.

Even with the setbacks, I still do plan to start publishing more frequently next year.  I will also be adding more Jeffery Simian adventures, a possible graphic novel if I can get the funding for a good artist, and even an interactive novel game, all within the world of the main Clockwork Twist series.

But, as is true every year, you can expect a new novel on November 17th, in honor of our darling Twist’s birthday.  This year he’ll be 6!  Or, 166, if you count from the year he was born in the story…

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Time for something new.

Hello lovelies.  Some of you might be aware that I just moved across two states, and have also been wrestling with a multitude of personal dramas.  I don’t want to bore you with details of any of that, but simply explain my silence.

But as of today I’m moved in, most of my demons are trapped in warded circles in the basement, and the rest can bloody well queue up and wait to be dealt with.  I hope to return to regular posts both of the pretty steampunk/reading nooks/pocket watches variety, but also of these new shorter little essays.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a blogger at heart.  My writing tendencies are much better tuned to banging out long series of novels and less to being social in any way.  But, as much as I’m sure I’d make an excellent hermit and happily continue to write to no one in particular, I realized that I should probably give it another go.

So, here I am, giving it another go.  If you have any tips for a victim of social media anxiety disorder, I’d be glad to hear them.  I promise I’ll try very hard not to run away if you talk to me.

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