Happy 7th Birthday, Twist!

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My lovely little darling has been in the world for 7 years, today.  That is, I started writing the series on Nov 17th, 2010.  And now, all 12 books are written, 6 are published, and my Twist isn’t just mine anymore.  I just love the idea that he’s met more people than I ever could.

So raise a glass, or grab a cupcake, in honor of Twist today!  As my gift to all of you, the first book in the series, Clockwork Twist : Waking will be free on Amazon Kindle all day!  Tell your friends, or get a free copy of the ebook for yourself, if you haven’t already got one.

Also, as promised, the 6th book is out right now!  If you’re caught up with the rest of the series, head over to my site (http://clockworktwist.com/blood/) to read the first three chapters, or go and pick up a fresh new copy on Amazon and follow Twist through another fantastic adventure.

Thank you all for all of your interest and support!  Here’s to another year!’

Book One, Free today https://www.amazon.com/Clockwork-Twist-Waking-Emily-Thompson-ebook/dp/B00BXKXCUQ

Book Six, Available today https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077GHTNDX

It’s Friday.  Time for a good book and a cup of tea.  And hey,…

It’s Friday.  Time for a good book and a cup of tea.  And hey, look!  Clockwork Twist: Waking is free on Amazon today!  What luck!


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Did you hear?  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE on Amazon all…

Did you hear?  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE on Amazon all weekend!  Go grab yourself a free eBook!  Please share this post with anyone who likes a good adventure.  You can never have too many books, right?


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*sniff  They grow up so fast…  Happy Birthday, Twist!…

*sniff  They grow up so fast…  Happy Birthday, Twist!  It’s been 6 years since I started writing this series, and today 4 books are published, the fifth is right around the corner, 6 through 11 are in edits, and the 12th book is in a draft.  I can hardly believe it’s gotten this far along so quickly, but I’m also excited to get the whole story out there for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who reads and supports Clockwork Twist!  This really is a labor of love, and it’s amazing to know that Twist isn’t just my imaginary friend.  At this point, he’s met more people than I have, with each copy that goes out into the world.  So thank you, everyone!  There’s still more Twist yet to come, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the series!

Sheesh…  If this series was a child, it would have it’s own opinions about the world and a favorite pokemon.  That kinda creeps me out…  

Just curious.  Which pokemon do you think Twist would choose?

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It’s that time of year again…  Clockwork Twist: Waking is…

It’s that time of year again…  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE for download on Amazon, all this weekend!  If you know someone who needs more sky-pirates in their, this is the best way to give the gift of silly adventure, without it costing a thing.  And if you already have a paperback copy, why not go grab a free eBook for yourself as well?

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Update on Twist Book 5

Hello, Twist lovers!  I just wanted to let everyone know that Clockwork Twist, Book Five: Inquest, had been delayed slightly.  The editing process is nearly complete right now and then it’ll take about a week to finalize the publishing process.  I’m sorry it won’t be ready on the 17th, but it will be up within the month.  Keep an eye out for the release notice, right here.

However, the first book, Waking, will be free once again on the 17th!  I’ll be posting links to the eBook page on Amazon during the sale, so be sure to share the links with anyone who needs more airship pirates in their life.  Or, just grab a free eBook for yourself, if you don’t already have one.  Every free book that is downloaded helps to get Twist closer to the #1 spot on Amazon that day!

This November 17th also marks the sixth year of Twist’s existence.  If this series was a child, it would have it’s own opinions about the world and a favorite pokemon by now.  That kinda freaks me out.

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Book Four : Missing, Cover design

Hello, lovelies!  I have something new and shiny for you.  Feast your eyes on the brand new cover for Clockwork Twist : Missing, the forth book in the series!

Now, you might be wondering, why does the cover look like a view from orbit?  Well, you’d better go and read the description right here.

Want more than that?  Well, the first 3 chapters will appear right here on clockworktwist.com, starting on the 12th.

You STILL want more??  Greedy…  I guess there’s nothing for it.  You’re simply going to have to go reserve your eBook pre-order, right now.

Mind you, only the eBooks are pre-order-able at the moment, but the paperback is in final review and will also be coming soon.  If the stars align, it will be available on the 17th, just in time for Twist’s birthday.

Writing a series is weird… Part 1

Hello lovely.  I haven’t got any cute images or videos or other cheats today, and I’ve just had a load of announcements, so I thought I’d actually write a regular, rambling, blog post for once.  Fancy that?  A word of comment, first.  I started writing a post about what it’s like to write a series instead of a one-shot, about an hour ago and suddenly realized that it’s way too long.  Which will become hilarious in a minute.  So, this is part 1.  I’ll post part 2 later on.

Before I can really talk about my experience of writing a series, I feel I should give a bit more background about my writing history.  The first book I ever wrote was a sci-fi world-jumping novel, and it took me about a year to get the first draft on paper.  I started it in 1997 and I think I finished it in 1998, when I was a wee little 15 year-old.  Naturally, it was over 100,000 words and horrendous.  #noobwriter  But I re-wrote it about 14 times over the next 8 years (yes, I said 8), until it improved into a solidly mediocre and derivative piece.  Feeling pleased with my moderate success, I moved on to writing the sequel to this first book and was already thinking about it as a trilogy.  As of today, no one outside of my family and mentors have ever seen any of it, and now that I know what I’m doing no one ever will until it gets a massive overhaul.

Now, let’s just re-count what my very first writing experience actually was.  I didn’t start with a short-story.  I didn’t even start with fan-fiction.  I started with a beef-stake sci-fi novel that turned into part 1 of a trilogy before I finished the first draft.  More than that, I was re-working the same story and the same basic plot for years, without really taking a break.  Sure, I was in school and had lots of things going on, but I was working seriously on that book/trilogy for about 8 years solid, and was trying to get it published, right up until I got another idea.

The second book I finished was inspired by my visits to Tokyo.  I went there a few times for vacation with a friend, then studied abroad in Tokyo a few years after that.  The book I wrote about Japan wasn’t sci-fi or fantasy at all, but was just general fiction, about riding the trains in Tokyo.  This time, I had a pretty good idea of how to put a book together before I started it, and I got it into a decent shape and polished enough to start shopping it around to my publishing contacts in less than two years, by 2007.  But since that was so much easier than stumbling about with my first trilogy, I immediately thought I might make the Japan book into a series, and also use it as an excuse to travel.  I could write the same kind of story in any city with trains, after all.  How about Paris, or New York, or Hong Kong?  Splendid!

Then, life hit me square in the nose.  For the first time in 10 years, I stopped writing because I just didn’t have the time.  I still tried from time to time to work up something fun or go back and add more to my old series, just for fun, but I had not series.  Things eventually calmed down in my life and I finally managed to write an actual short story in 2010.  It was about a man who was a projectionist at an old movie theater, and was obsessed with old movies from the 30s and 40s, rejecting modern life for the silver elegance of the past.  I still think it’s pretty good.  And I can’t tell you how thrilling it was to be writing again!  As soon as I finished the story, however, and saw that it came to a neat and elegant end, I felt an enormous sense of loss.  The story was over.  What a horrible thought.  I instantly rejected the idea and tried to stretch it into a book at least, but it just wasn’t there.  I had to let it go.

Desperate now to get back under that cozy, heavy, warm duvet of writing a series after years out in the cold, I picked up Steampunk.  I’d recently realized that all my favorite books and movies fit until that genre title, and was enamored with the whole idea.  But I’d never tried to write in it.  So, after my recent success, I started with a short story.  Before I got ten pages in, it became a book.  But, since I wasn’t used to Steampunk, it wasn’t working as well as I’d liked.  I kept swinging wide over historical fiction, then coming back over pure fantasy, without ever getting the feel for it.  Plus, as much as I liked the characters, they weren’t as good as the projectionist and his friends.  Frustrated, I decided to start over with a new idea entirely, just as soon as I came up with something.

Then, after seeing a fantastic live play that was a Steampunk version of Twelfth Night, something finally clicked in my head and I got a grip on Steampunk.  I went home after the play and wrote the first chapter of Waking.  The moment I saw Twist, I knew something was different.  He was special.  And by the time I was 5 pages in, I knew he needed room to run.  I decided, right there on the 5th page, to go for the series.  In three months (my personal best at the time) the first book was done and I’d started on the second.  With re-writes and edits of previous Twist books to pad out my time, I wrote another two 80,000 page novels in the next year, and two more the year after that.  Last year I wrote three.

So, in the last 17 years I’ve spent 3 not working on a series of some kind.  The only time I ever stopped a story and didn’t just shelve it for later continuation, it was traumatic.  I still miss Steve the projectionist sometimes.  I can’t imagine what I’m going to do at the end of Twist 12.  And no, I won’t just keep going because I watched Lost and I’m not going to do that to you.  There will be an ending, because Twist needs one to be whole.  But over the years, I’ve begun to realize that series writing is very much a comfy mental duvet for me.  Stuck in an elevator?  It’s cool, I’ll just work on pruning my mythology for a minute.  Can’t sleep?  Well, how am I going to get Twist to do that thing he really doesn’t want to do in that next scene?  Red Light?  No problem, I’ve got delicate social interactions between deeply damaged people to sort out.  It’s always there, and it’s soft and comfortable, and as familiar as pumpkin spice.

So, besides some rather obvious emotional issues I might want to stop ignoring, what does all this mean?  Is it possible that some writers just can’t do short while others just can’t do long?  Is it really that different at all?  I don’t know, but I hope to find out.  I’ll continue this idea in a later post.  In the meantime, please share your thoughts on writing in a comment.  Whether you’re an accomplished author, or just dabble in writing, I’d love to hear what your experience has been like.  Or have you noticed anything like this in your reading habits?  Let me know.  And thanks for reading so far.

Entirely unrelated video is entirely unrelated.

What?  It’s my site. I can a share something that’s just plain silly now and then.  Besides, I love TimH.  Enjoy this random bit of fun from 2013 that just happens to have “Twist” in the title.  Even if it’s actually about film plot twists.  Whatever.

There’s an elf in the corner.

Dreamer is Out! Happy 4th Birthday Clockwork Twist!!

The story started 4 years ago today.  7 books have been drafted, and 3 books are already published.  It is so time to party.  That’s right, Book Three is out today!

Get your copy of Clockwork Twist : Dreamer now!

The eBook is on sale for $3.99. Just click the logo of your choice.


The paperback is also available, on Amazon.

I’m just so amazed that the story has already come this far.  When I first started writing Waking, I thought I knew a thing or two about publishing and writing, but I really had no idea what I was getting into.  Writing a series is a totally different thing than doing any one-off or a handful of sequels.  At least for right now, Clockwork Twist is the main focus of my life.  And today, 4 years in, I really can’t remember what life was like before I had Twist.  He just popped into my life one day and demanded to be.  Best surprise ever.

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting for this release and sending me such lovely messages of encouragement!  You guys are awesome.  The best part  of this experience for me has to be all of the wonderful, generous, and supportive people I’ve met along the way!  I thought I was just going to write some books.  I never imagined I’d make so many friends because of Twist.

Isn’t that just deliciously ironic?  Twist just thought he was going to go repair a bit of clockwork when he first left London, after all.  Now I think I really know how he feels.

Happy Birthday Clockwork Twist!

Here’s to another year of intrepid adventures, startling discoveries, and unexpected friends.