Happy 7th Birthday, Twist!

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My lovely little darling has been in the world for 7 years, today.  That is, I started writing the series on Nov 17th, 2010.  And now, all 12 books are written, 6 are published, and my Twist isn’t just mine anymore.  I just love the idea that he’s met more people than I ever could.

So raise a glass, or grab a cupcake, in honor of Twist today!  As my gift to all of you, the first book in the series, Clockwork Twist : Waking will be free on Amazon Kindle all day!  Tell your friends, or get a free copy of the ebook for yourself, if you haven’t already got one.

Also, as promised, the 6th book is out right now!  If you’re caught up with the rest of the series, head over to my site (http://clockworktwist.com/blood/) to read the first three chapters, or go and pick up a fresh new copy on Amazon and follow Twist through another fantastic adventure.

Thank you all for all of your interest and support!  Here’s to another year!’

Book One, Free today https://www.amazon.com/Clockwork-Twist-Waking-Emily-Thompson-ebook/dp/B00BXKXCUQ

Book Six, Available today https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077GHTNDX

The wait is over.  Clockwork Twist 5 is out, now!  Check it out on Amazon.Thanks to everyone for…

The wait is over.  Clockwork Twist 5 is out, now!  Check it out on Amazon.


Thanks to everyone for being patient over the late release.  The book is finally available in both eBook and paperback!  Go grab your copy today!  Also, the first preview chapters are already up on clockworktwist.com.

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Clockwork Twist Book 5 is days away from release!!  It’s in the…

Clockwork Twist Book 5 is days away from release!!  It’s in the final publication process right now, and will be available very soon, in eBook and paperback.  In the meantime, I’ve uploaded the first 3 sample chapters, as always.  If you’ve already read books 1 through 4, go enjoy the teaser chapters!

If you haven’t read any of the Clockwork Twist series yet, go read the first few chapters of the first book, Clockwork Twist: Waking, for free, right now!

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Book Four : Missing, Cover design

Hello, lovelies!  I have something new and shiny for you.  Feast your eyes on the brand new cover for Clockwork Twist : Missing, the forth book in the series!

Now, you might be wondering, why does the cover look like a view from orbit?  Well, you’d better go and read the description right here.

Want more than that?  Well, the first 3 chapters will appear right here on clockworktwist.com, starting on the 12th.

You STILL want more??  Greedy…  I guess there’s nothing for it.  You’re simply going to have to go reserve your eBook pre-order, right now.

Mind you, only the eBooks are pre-order-able at the moment, but the paperback is in final review and will also be coming soon.  If the stars align, it will be available on the 17th, just in time for Twist’s birthday.

Brand new cover design for Dreamer

Click to enlarge

After long hours of fine tuning, slight adjustments and giving myself eye-strain, I’m proud to announce that the cover for Dreamer is finally finished!!  This is not only the brightest cover in the Clockwork Twist series so far, but it was also the damn fiddliest.  Still, in the end, I’m quite happy with it.

This book is a much brighter book than Trick and many of the other books, for content as well.  I’m currently writing the 8th book, and re-touching all the others in between but whenever I think back to Dreamer, I always end up smiling.  While it has it’s surprises and dangers, there are so many funny moments, and such a great sense of comfort and wonder about it, that it still remains one of my all time favorite books in the whole series.  Book five is really fun too…  And four!  Oh, Twist, I’m so sorry for book four.  Then, there’s six and seven…

Anyway! I decided to show that brightness in the cover of Dreamer as well.  There is also (not really spoilers, I swear) a Native-American village that floats on a cloud, and a brand new character who has other people’s dreams whenever he falls asleep.  Having two different tribes in my own family background, I grew up with a  Cherokee-style dream-catcher always near the bed.  Naturally, the elements of this story brought that image to mind.

Full back, spine and front cover. Click to enlarge

Of course, there are many different styles and corresponding meanings (or lack of meaning) attributed to each part of a dream-catcher, depending on it’s origin and the myths attached to it in different cultures.  For this reason, I did my best not to be too true to any one style.  My book is fiction anyway, so I didn’t want to make anything that might offend someone.  I simply replicated the general symbol that I remembered from my childhood and added the necessary beads, open center point, and feathers, while also matching the clock design that is on the cover of all of my books.  Naturally, I had to add some gears as well.  This is a steampunk book, after all.

So, what do you think?  Let me know how you like my new cover, in a comment down below.  I’m always looking to good feedback.  And also, don’t forget to enter to win a free copy of Dreamer before Twist’s birthday on the 17th!  The details of the contest are right here.  For the next three weeks, I’ll be posting free preview chapters of Dreamer here on my blog, as well, so stay tuned!

!!Fan art and photo contest!!

As some of you may remember, November 17th is Twist’s birthday!  Or, the day I started writing the series, anyway.  It was on that fateful night, fours years ago, that I wrote Twist’s name for the first time, and did the first draft on the first chapter of Waking.  Ah, so much nostalgia built up over 4 short years…  To commemorate such a significant night, this year I’m holding a contest!

There will be two categories: Fan Art, and Cake Photo.

Option 1, Fan Art Category:

Any form of fan art is acceptable, be it drawing, photo-collage, sculpture, or even *ahem* fan-fiction… (glances to the side innocently like she’s never heard of slash fiction)  Since this is for Twist’s birthday, anything party themed would be great, but it’s really all up to you.  Use your imagination!  Note: if you happen to be a baker, and want to submit a photo of an original piece of pastry, be sure to mention that it’s not just a found photo in your post.


A signed paperback copy of the band new Book Three: Dreamer!  I’ll contact the winner later for mailing info.  All submissions and their artists, winning or otherwise, will also be featured on this site and all of Twist social media!

Option 2, Cake Photo Category:

Send me photos of steampunk birthday cakes!  This one is super easy.  It doesn’t have to be your own cake or photo, so please do reference the original artist/photographer/baker/source in your post just to be polite.  Simply find any photos of steampunk cakes, cupcakes, cakes shaped like pocket watches or top hats, or anything at all that reminds you of our dear Twist.  And, if possible, try to find an image that no one else has already submitted.  Also, feel free to submit as many times as you like!


A free eBook copy (in the format or your choice) of Book Three: Dreamer!

To Enter for either Fan Art or Cake Photo:

Submit your work/photo using #HappyBirthdayTwist on either Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, from now until the 17th of November.  I’ll re-tweet, share, and re-blog everything as I find them, as well.  I will search and collect all submissions on the 18th, and the winner will be announced on the following Sunday, the 23rd.  Be sure to use the hashtag, so I can find your substitutions.

It’s that easy!   No fuss, no muss.  I’ll choose the winners in each category based strictly on feels, so anyone can win.  If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask in a comment on this post, but as I said above, please only submit your entries on social media, using #HappyBirthdayTwist

I can’t WAIT to see what you all come up with!


It’s finally getting to the good part of the year!

Song of the South (1946) Gif from “Raiders of the Lost Tumblr.” randar.com

Hello lovelies, and hello October!  Let’s all go out and frolic in the leaves for the rest of the day.  What do you say?  No leaves where you are because California is being hot and crappy, or you’re in the southern hemisphere?  No matter.  There’s always pumpkin spice lattes and gifs.

But autumn doesn’t just mean it’s time for cooler weather, gorgeous grey skies and drizzle, and finally getting your scarf collection out of hiding.  It also means that November is just around the corner and there’s loads of Twist goodies soon to come!  First and foremost,

Clockwork Twist, Book Three: Dreamer
will be released on Nov 17th!

The book is going through final edits right now, the cover is … well, mostly done-ish, and the first preview chapters will be up on this site very soon!  There will also be 3 different giveaways, a free eBook day, and other lovely treats to come.  Here’s a brief schedule of what to expect:

  • Oct 1st-31st: Goodread giveaway for a signed copy of Waking.
  • Nov 1st-30th: Goodread giveaway for a signed set of both Waking and Trick.
  • Nov 2nd: The first preview chapter of Dreamer will post here on this site.
  • Nov 9th: The second preview chapter of Dreamer will post.
  • Nov 16th: The third preview chapter of Dreamer will post.
  • Nov 17th: Dreamer release!
    • Waking and Trick eBooks will be free all day on Smashwords.com!
    • Twist’s birthday blog party!
  • Dec 1st-31st: Goodread giveaway for a signed set of all three, Waking, Trick, and Dreamer!

I’ll also be putting up cover art (when I finish it…) and a few other surprise treats as well.  I’m not sure just now when all the other things I have in store for you will appear, so you’ll just have to keep an eye on this blog, or my other social medias.  But, the first treat is up right now!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Waking by Emily  Thompson


by Emily Thompson

Giveaway ends October 31, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

If you don’t have a copy of Waking yet, enter to win a signed copy now!  And even if you already have one, share this post!  facebook twitter reddit pinterest tumblr  Thanks again lovelies for always being awesome and sharing as much as you do.  It really helps.

Writer Positivity, because we all need it sometimes.

Hello lovelies.  I assume that many of you are writers, or thinking about writing.  You know I am.  And while I usually have a wonderful time writing, and I deeply enjoy working out the character interactions, and the scenes, and the setting, and all of the tiny little details, it’s not always sunshine and daffodils.  Nothing is life ever is, after all.

I found this wonderful set of positive writerly thoughts on Tumblr and thought I’d give them a share.  Click any of the images to visit the original blog.  I found the combos thanks to bookworm-goddess, who also has a great Tumblr.  I highly recommend following them both.  Enjoy!

Ahhh….  Don’t you just want to grab your laptop and go spend the rest of the day in your own book?  I do!

Which nugget of inspiration was your favorite?  Which one made your skin all prickly with excitement?  Let me know in a comment!  I’d love to know.

Thanks again to Bookworm-Goddess and Max Kirin!  If you’ve got a Tumblr, be sure to follow them both.

On a Wing and a Dare, what a wonderful surprise!

I was lucky enough to meet Linda Ulleseit, the author of On a Wing and a Dare, at a local author event last year.  Since then, she has been a gracious supporter of my series, while I’ve failed utterly to return the favor.  Now, I have FINALLY gotten a spare moment to give the first book in her Flying Horse Books series a good read, and I’m so glad that I did!

The story takes place in a mythical and equine-centric version Whales (which is plenty of reason for me to like it right away, but more on that later) where the best job in the world is to be a flying-horse rider for one of the most prominent barns.  These daring riders compete in aerial games of skill on their beautiful winged steeds, to adoration and fame.  But, despite the fact that two of the most powerful barns have been grumbling through a feud for generations, the children of these two barns are the best of friends.  Poor Emma, the charming and precocious daughter of Hoel’s barn, has her heart set on her childhood friend, Even, the handsome eldest son of Morgan’s barn.  Meanwhile, Davyd, Even’s darling and clever younger brother, is also a close friend to Emma and has developed his own feeling for her, as well.  Amid this already complex social situation, the winged horses are suddenly falling ill from a mysterious sickness.  Will Hoel and Morgan put their differences aside for the sake of their horses?  Will Emma ever be free to marry the man she truly loves?  Will sweet little Davyd ever catch a break??  You’ll just have to read for yourself to find out!

First of all, I have to say that I was sucked into the world of this story right away.  This is partly because, like many silly Americans, I often internally glamorize my English, Scottish, and Welsh roots, and lament never having the chance to visit much of the homeland.  Just as I’d hoped when first hearing that Whales was the setting of the story, Linda’s writing is flush with atmospheric details of the lofty mountains, the rolling green hills, and the wild winds.  I was delighted by how easily I found myself transported into such a vivid world.  Linda also used Welsh language in the dialog, which added a lovely flavor without ever being excluding to someone (like me) who has no knowledge of the language.  Instead, the meaning of every phrase was easy to deduce, or swiftly explained, with expert ease.  The details of the environments were also not too numerous to feel forced, but came off as natural and earnest, which can sometimes be rather rare in modern writing.

Aside from the beautiful backdrop of the story, the characters were all very well defined and interesting.  I found myself enjoying poor tortured Davyd most of all, who is expected to be a great flying-horse rider like his brother and everyone else in his family, but is terrified of heights.  How can you not instantly feel for the boy?  As Davyd struggled with his shameful secret of not actually wanting to be a rider, while also trying to reconcile his brand new feeling for his oldest friend, and nearly singlehandedly administrate the arrangements for a massive event like the annual aerial games in the midst of a equine health crisis, I found myself only caring more and more for him.  But even with my preference, I must admit that each character had a surprising amount of depth, roundness, and charming understandably.  All but Tristain, who’s really just a jerk.  But then, the strength of my dislike for him is only a credit to the author.  Love and hate both require equal skill to produce in a reader.

So, if you can’t afford a vacation to Whales, or if you just want to read a well written, exciting, and truly charming book, then I highly recommend On a Wing and a Dare.  I never thought I would so enjoy a YA book about flying horses, and I’m delighted to find that I was so wrong.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series as well!  Even if this story isn’t your usual genre, trust me.  It’s worth giving it a try.

Get the eBook  on Amazon, or on Smashwords.  Only $2.99!  The paperback is also available on Amazon.

Check out the series on Goodreads.

Follow Linda Ulleseit on her blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

Taking a holiday.

Jules Férat, 1875, from www.julesvernebooks.com

Hello, lovelies.  I can’t blame my blog on missing a post yesterday, or the lesser content that I’ve had to offer recently.  Like a sagging dirigible in a gale, I’m simply getting a bit swamped by my life and things are starting to slip through my rigging.

I want to write interesting, engaging posts, and share wonderful shiny things, and keep a real sense of delight in this blog.  At the moment, however, I find I simply don’t have the time and energy needed to keep this blog running at the level that I want.

So, for the time being, I’ve decided to take a short holiday from this blog so that I might recollect myself, get my ducks in a row, and all of that.  Don’t worry about the progress of the novels.  Writing is still my first priority.  The 3rd novel in the Clockwork Twist series is still set for release in November this year, I’ve just finished the first draft of the 7th book, and I’m beginning to work on the 8th now.

To tide you over in the meantime, I encourage you to check out The Journals of Jeffery Simian over on Jeffery’s blog.  The first serialized novelette is already running, with 5 whole chapters available for your reading pleasure right now, and new chapters each week!  It’s a fun little romp through the Clockwork Twist universe, from the perspective of our favorite gentlemanly baboon.  Travel to a circus made entirely of ice and battle winter faeries with Jeffery and Idris, his faithful djinn companion.  It’s good fun.

Over the next little while, I will endeavor to bring this blog back to glory!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, to be notified the moment this thing goes back online.  I wish you a glorious day, and a bright future to come.

See you soon.