Book Four : Missing, Cover design

Hello, lovelies!  I have something new and shiny for you.  Feast your eyes on the brand new cover for Clockwork Twist : Missing, the forth book in the series!

Now, you might be wondering, why does the cover look like a view from orbit?  Well, you’d better go and read the description right here.

Want more than that?  Well, the first 3 chapters will appear right here on, starting on the 12th.

You STILL want more??  Greedy…  I guess there’s nothing for it.  You’re simply going to have to go reserve your eBook pre-order, right now.

Mind you, only the eBooks are pre-order-able at the moment, but the paperback is in final review and will also be coming soon.  If the stars align, it will be available on the 17th, just in time for Twist’s birthday.

Brand new cover design for Dreamer

Click to enlarge

After long hours of fine tuning, slight adjustments and giving myself eye-strain, I’m proud to announce that the cover for Dreamer is finally finished!!  This is not only the brightest cover in the Clockwork Twist series so far, but it was also the damn fiddliest.  Still, in the end, I’m quite happy with it.

This book is a much brighter book than Trick and many of the other books, for content as well.  I’m currently writing the 8th book, and re-touching all the others in between but whenever I think back to Dreamer, I always end up smiling.  While it has it’s surprises and dangers, there are so many funny moments, and such a great sense of comfort and wonder about it, that it still remains one of my all time favorite books in the whole series.  Book five is really fun too…  And four!  Oh, Twist, I’m so sorry for book four.  Then, there’s six and seven…

Anyway! I decided to show that brightness in the cover of Dreamer as well.  There is also (not really spoilers, I swear) a Native-American village that floats on a cloud, and a brand new character who has other people’s dreams whenever he falls asleep.  Having two different tribes in my own family background, I grew up with a  Cherokee-style dream-catcher always near the bed.  Naturally, the elements of this story brought that image to mind.

Full back, spine and front cover. Click to enlarge

Of course, there are many different styles and corresponding meanings (or lack of meaning) attributed to each part of a dream-catcher, depending on it’s origin and the myths attached to it in different cultures.  For this reason, I did my best not to be too true to any one style.  My book is fiction anyway, so I didn’t want to make anything that might offend someone.  I simply replicated the general symbol that I remembered from my childhood and added the necessary beads, open center point, and feathers, while also matching the clock design that is on the cover of all of my books.  Naturally, I had to add some gears as well.  This is a steampunk book, after all.

So, what do you think?  Let me know how you like my new cover, in a comment down below.  I’m always looking to good feedback.  And also, don’t forget to enter to win a free copy of Dreamer before Twist’s birthday on the 17th!  The details of the contest are right here.  For the next three weeks, I’ll be posting free preview chapters of Dreamer here on my blog, as well, so stay tuned!

Picture Day: Shiny new Trick cover design!

Are you excited for the next book in the CWTwist series?  Of course you are!  The release of Clockwork Twist, Book Two, Trick is swiftly approaching!

Trick cover proof 4 front

Take a gander at the first draft of the new cover design.   I’ve been working on this for many a week, but I think it’s getting there, and looking pretty snazzy.

Click to see the huge, high-quality version of these images.  Here’s a close up of the front cover, as well.

Well, internet?  What do you think?  I want to hear your thoughts.  Leave me a comment with some feedback.!

And while you’re at it, check out the quick description of the plot!

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the preview first chapters.  I’ll start posting them here on this blog in mid December, leading up to the official release in January!  Oh, I’m so excited!

Indie author stuff: the trouble of the cover

If you’re thinking to self-publish your own delightful novel, I’m sure you’ll be spending weeks on end fine-tuning all of the myriad details, characters, plot twists, and themes of the writing.  However, have you thought of  what you’re going to put on the cover?  For many authors, this seems like an after thought.  But I can assure you that most people really do judge books by their covers, and having a strong design can have a huge impact on your sales performance.

Heavens above, did I just say “sales performance”??  Not sure I like being a business woman…

Anyway, I spent over 30 hours in Photoshop, working on the cover of Waking.  I wanted it be sure that I gave Twist my very best.  At Clockwork Alchemy I watched a lot of people glance over the books on the tables as they walked by, see Waking, stop, and then come back and pick it up.  Based on that alone, I feel it’s a strong design.  I don’t know what effect it’s having on-line, but my sales aren’t bad.

Since I’ve been working recently on the cover for Trick, the next book in the Clockwork Twist series, I thought I’d take a second here to write a bit about what I’ve learned on the subject of book covers.

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Did you ever notice that 4?


Apparently, I’m one of a scant few who sees more than just time in the face of a clock.  Let me ask you one little question, to see if you’re also an eurodite chronophile.

On a roman-numeral numbered clock face, how SHOULD the number ‘4’ be written?

If you know your timepiece lore, this question would be either easy or controversial.  If you know your roman-numerals but not your clocks, you just answered wrong.  If you know neither, then sit back and learn, you lovely, young and innocent thing, you!

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New cover designs!

All right, internet, I need your help with this.  Please take a look at these three designs, and tell me which one you like best.  I’ve been staring at these images for days, and I just can’t see them anymore.  Or, if you like one part of A, and another part of B, or some such, please let me know that, too.

The cover with the most votes will be the official cover for this book!  Please vote, and be brutally honest in your comments.  Become a Viking today!  (wait, no, that’s Robbaz…)  I mean, become a part of the creative process, today!  I really look forward to hearing your opinions!

       A                    B                   C

Waking Cover A

Waking Cover B

Waking Cover C

(Click for a larger view)

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