Did you hear?  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE on Amazon all…

Did you hear?  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE on Amazon all weekend!  Go grab yourself a free eBook!  Please share this post with anyone who likes a good adventure.  You can never have too many books, right?


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*sniff  They grow up so fast…  Happy Birthday, Twist!…

*sniff  They grow up so fast…  Happy Birthday, Twist!  It’s been 6 years since I started writing this series, and today 4 books are published, the fifth is right around the corner, 6 through 11 are in edits, and the 12th book is in a draft.  I can hardly believe it’s gotten this far along so quickly, but I’m also excited to get the whole story out there for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who reads and supports Clockwork Twist!  This really is a labor of love, and it’s amazing to know that Twist isn’t just my imaginary friend.  At this point, he’s met more people than I have, with each copy that goes out into the world.  So thank you, everyone!  There’s still more Twist yet to come, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the series!

Sheesh…  If this series was a child, it would have it’s own opinions about the world and a favorite pokemon.  That kinda creeps me out…  

Just curious.  Which pokemon do you think Twist would choose?

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Clockwork Twist: Waking has almost broken the top 100 free…

Clockwork Twist: Waking has almost broken the top 100 free Kindle ebooks, and we’ve already hit #2 in Sci-fi and Steampunk!  The book has only been free on Amazon for a day a half so far, but we’ve still got the whole weekend to get the ranking even higher.  So exciting!  

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It’s that time of year again…  Clockwork Twist: Waking is…

It’s that time of year again…  Clockwork Twist: Waking is FREE for download on Amazon, all this weekend!  If you know someone who needs more sky-pirates in their, this is the best way to give the gift of silly adventure, without it costing a thing.  And if you already have a paperback copy, why not go grab a free eBook for yourself as well?

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Update on Twist Book 5

Hello, Twist lovers!  I just wanted to let everyone know that Clockwork Twist, Book Five: Inquest, had been delayed slightly.  The editing process is nearly complete right now and then it’ll take about a week to finalize the publishing process.  I’m sorry it won’t be ready on the 17th, but it will be up within the month.  Keep an eye out for the release notice, right here.

However, the first book, Waking, will be free once again on the 17th!  I’ll be posting links to the eBook page on Amazon during the sale, so be sure to share the links with anyone who needs more airship pirates in their life.  Or, just grab a free eBook for yourself, if you don’t already have one.  Every free book that is downloaded helps to get Twist closer to the #1 spot on Amazon that day!

This November 17th also marks the sixth year of Twist’s existence.  If this series was a child, it would have it’s own opinions about the world and a favorite pokemon by now.  That kinda freaks me out.

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Holy hell did I need a break!

I’ve been struggling to finish the first draft of the 11th book in the Clockwork Twist series for almost a year now. I finished the draft of the 10th book in a record 6 weeks, but each of the rest of the books took 4 months or less. But this one… And it’s not that I have nothing to say. The plot is solid, the threads are all coming together, right now the word count is well over my target, but the details keep shifting. And every time they shift, I have to go back and follow the ripples, and rewrite what I’ve already done. Again, and again, and again. I’ve done rewrites loads of times before, but this one just doesn’t seem to settle.

So, rather than let myself get tired of my Twist, I decided to have a short break. I’ve had an idea for another story entirely, running around my head for a while now. It’s not steampunk, it’s not a silly adventure, it’s not an escape, and it’s not anything like what I’ve written before. It’s atmospheric, emotional, and it tackles real life issues that matter to me. It’s also set in space, but that’s really just the back drop. I’ve never actually written any of this new story because I’ve been worried about getting off track with Twist. But, the moment I decided to take a break, writing this new one was all I wanted to do.

And holy hell, this feels amazing. It’s all new! I don’t know these people! I know the world, and I know what I want to say, but it’s all happening now! I can’t wait to get to know them, and their stories, and figure out what happens. I haven’t felt this excited about writing since the first time I met Twist. I so, so needed this.

I will get back to Twist once I’ve had a break with this new story, but right now, I’m on vacation on Mars. It’s amazing to me, how much I needed the break, and didn’t know it. If you’re working on something right now that’s just not going anywhere, I highly suggest you try working on something new. It might be just what you need.

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On sensitivity

I’ve been doing another mental overhaul of my series for themes that have the potential to offend. This is something I do regularly, to make sure that anyone, from any background, can at least enjoy a bit of my silly story without being offended. I’ve been writing this thing for years now. As I grow as a person, learning to be more understanding of humanity itself, I like to check that Twist isn’t accidentally a bigot.

I’ve begun to worry about a few little things that are in the first, already published books. I like to think that my men and women are decently equally portrayed, and race and culture are two things I pay very close attention to, to keep things even. But then there’s this other thing…

So, the first and most prominently seen bi-sexual character in the book is introduced as a villain and a fool. Now, of course, I’d never want anyone to think that I was trying to say that bi-sexuality was in anyway a bad thing. I was also extra careful to make sure that this character was only demonized for separate personality issues and bad choices that helped to make Twist grow through combatting them. And as the story goes on, this character changes and becomes a loving and compassionate friend instead of a villain, while his orientation never alters. This was always the plan.

Now, I know what I’m doing. I know that the character is the way he is because, like everything in the series, making Twist deal with people and situations he doesn’t understand makes Twist grow. Twist is British, so he has to leave home and see the world. Twist lives alone so now he has to deal with a crew. Twist has no idea how to talk to girls, so boom: live-in girlfriend. Twist is straight if rather asexual, so naturally a super flirty bi-sexual character is a logical necessity. But I always worry that, from the outside, readers might not see exactly why I write the things I do. And on top of everything, I’m not even trying to say anything important or make any kind of stand for social equality! This isn’t the place for that. This series is just a silly adventure story about magic and craziness, that people can enjoy without having to dissect or learn anything from it. It’s fluff, nothing more. If you want to learn something, go outside and talk to real people. But even so, was that a bad choice just for initial clarity…

Then it hit me. I’ve already answered my own question. At the beginning of the series, Twist really is not understanding or sensitive. How could he be? He’s been cooped up alone for most of his life. And since the entire story is seen from his perspective, the characters most unlike him are shown as the most unfavorable or dangerous, because Twist is afraid of them because they are different from him. And, looking at what I’m working on in book 11 right now, I see that he’s already changed, just like I always wanted. He’s learned to be compassionate towards everyone, regardless of how different they may look to him. He thinks of others’ wellbeing as much as his own, and has learned that no one can really be judged by how they look or who they love.

So, actually, I’ve stuck close to my own storytelling goals here. But, the reader would have to read all 12 books to see that. From the beginning, the series might actually seem ignorant at times, because Twist actually is quite ignorant. It’s far too late to go back and change things in the first 4 books now, but it still haunts me.

What do you think? Does it matter that Twist, and therefore the narrative itself, gets there in the end? Should I not have tried to show the full progression from ignorant to understanding, and included ignorance at all? Am I too worried about all of this, or not worried enough? I’d love an outside voice on this.

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